Series II OPV

A highly intelligent point-to-point radio system providing complete rural substation Teleprotection, the Mimomax Optimized Protection Variant (OPV) is a communications solution for both power line protection and SCADA applications.

Currently available in 400MHz or 900MHz and in 12.5kHz or 25kHz channel sizes.

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Features Included

Designed to meet CAT I, II and III protection levels - can be employed to link power line protection relays (e.g. General Electric L90) within critical network infrastructure
Provides a low latency, low jitter 64kbps protection channel PLUS at least 64kbps Ethernet capacity over the same radio link
Maintain secure mission-critical operations with multiple layers of integral security
Accommodates a range of synchronous serial interfaces including V11 (RS422), X-21 and G703

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