Mimomax Tornado XR

For use as a remote radio only in a multipoint network, Tornado XR is a full duplex, high Tx power radio which offers a stable transmit power across all modulations and full compatibility with our standard Tornado radio.

Like all of the Tornado family, this radio is ultra-spectrally efficient and offers extremely low latency for near real-time network visibility.

Tornado XR is an ideal remote radio for networks where traffic is uplink predominant. It can also be integrated at weak remote sites to boost uplink performance.

Building a multipoint network? You’ve found the remote radios but click here to find out about our high transmit power base radio, Tornado X.

Currently available in 700MHz and in 12.5kHz, 25kHz or 50kHz channel sizes.

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Features Included

Boosts uplink traffic at remote sites in multipoint networks
High transmit power remains stable across all modulations
Utilizes MIMO, full duplex and 256 QAM for the highest spectral efficiency
Ideal for multipoint networks requiring large coverage areas
Full compatibility with Tornado allows for a mix of radios in a network
Minimize interference with sophisticated duplexer and filtering

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