Building a Business Case of Field Area Network deployment

Upgrading the grid and the associated communications network is seen by many utilities as a necessary step to stay relevant in a rapidly changing utility industry. It’s a “build it and they will come approach” which often rests on predictions of future growth, expansion and consumer behaviour more than on hard data around costs and benefits. These strategic business decisions are often centered around solving business problems and streamlining operations. The end aim is to cut costs, deliver better services, be more resilient during large-scale weather events and, overall, boost efficiency.

Customer expectations regarding access to electricity have changed so significantly in the last decade to the point that it is the end consumer, to some degree, who is unwittingly driving the requirement for the modernized grid and all that it entails.

Modernized grid look like from a consumer point of view includes:

  • Ultra-reliability to support highly electrified lifestyles;
  • Resilience in the face of large-scale weather events;
  • The ability to make sustainable choices with their energy consumption;
  • Improvements in power quality;
  • Security of their personal data;
  • The ability to participate in a transactional grid by generating their own energy at home.

So how do you build a business case to support the deployment of a Field Are Network? Download the PDF below to see


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Building a Business Case: FAN for Grid Modernization

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