Monitor multiple assets across your network without the time & expense of installing fiber or microwave

In recent years, the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) industry has been focused on a move away from serial connections or leased lines and towards IP enabled technology.  This shift is closely aligned to the movement by technology manufacturers towards developing IP-based products, the requirement for “SCADA intranet” and a greater interoperability between products.

From flow measurement to monitoring pipelines and controllers, Mimomax PTMP networks utilize MIMO technology and full duplex communications to allow our customers to run more applications across the one network. The result? Visibility to the edge of the network and a greater return-on-investment on those assets.

SCADA Features

Optimize your investment in spectrum by combining SCADA and other applications over our high capacity networks - 1280kbps in a 50kHz channel.
Near-real time visibility of your network with latency as low as 25-35 milliseconds in a 50 kHz channel in a multi-point environment.
Effective traffic management to provide better Quality of Service (QoS) results

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