Looking to disaster-proof your network?

Hurricanes.  Earthquakes.  Wild fires.

Life on earth can be unpredictable – presenting a challenge in an industry where reliability and maintenance of service are central.  To survive a natural disaster, your network needs redundancy built in to ensure you have visibility over key aspects of your grid in an emergency and allowing you to restore services as rapidly as possible.

One of the best ways to retain some level of control during uncontrollable events is to build redundancy into your communications network.  Backing up your fiber and microwave links with high capacity, low latency point-to-point radio links offers you the ability to maintain your mission critical operations in the event that your primary network fails.

Mimomax can provide links offering you full duplex aggregate rates of up to 1280 kbps in a 50 kHz channel with latency sitting as low as 10m/s in a point-to-point environment.  Allowing you to connect key sites in your network with your NOC or divert traffic to a redundant link during an emergency, an investment in redundancy can positively impact your network availability stats.


Key benefits of building redundancy into your network:

  •  Minimize outage times and ensure your core operations are maintained when your network is compromised;
  • Radio offers greater immunity to weather-induced signal fading compared to microwave and is resilient to damage during ground movement unlike fiber and copper wires;
  • Maintain transmission even when antennas shift due to wide beamwidth;
  • Divert data traffic to other parts of your network to avoid areas hardest hit in an emergency.


Try our free Path Assessment to find out whether our award-winning Tornado radios could provide your fail-safe communications.

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