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Do you only require a fraction of the bandwidth of your microwave communications links? 


Often our customers find they only utilize a small portion of the available bandwidth provided by microwave to their sites – a clear case of bandwidth overkill. With leased lines being unreliable and fiber being too expensive, customers turned to microwave as a suitable replacement that offered a licensed/protected circuit for their point to point needs.  Although they provided higher reliability than leased lines, microwave systems operate in broadband spectrum and therefore required customers to acquire considerably more bandwidth than what they actually needed.

Factoring in the cost to replace ageing microwave systems, the annual maintenance fees and the expense associated with your footprint (both on the tower and inside the equipment shack) and the cost-benefit argument for utilizing microwave links across your entire network fails to stack up.

While offering very high capacity communications ideal for the network center and across short paths, microwave links struggle to maintain their reliability during weather events where signal fading may occur – particularly over longer links.  Furthermore, due to their narrow antenna beamwidth, any offset due to ground movement in a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flooding-induced landslip, can make a link fail.

Mimomax offers point to point links with ultra-low latency, ultra-high reliability and full duplex aggregate data rates of 1280 kbps in a 50 kHz channel.


 Key benefits of replacing microwave links:

  • Reduce Operations & Maintenance costs associated with maintenance and footprint rental fees of microwave transmission;
  • Improve your network reliability with communications links designed to cope with adverse meteorological conditions;
  • Disaster-proof your mission critical links with wide beamwidth radio antennas;
  • Deploy longer links in one-hop, reducing equipment in your network.


Try our free Path Assessment below to find out whether our award-winning Tornado radios could be the ideal swap out for your ageing microwave links.

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