Reduce OPEX and Boost Reliability


Replacing your leased lines with a secure, licensed, IP-based network is central to your grid modernization needs and will enable you to monitor your assets and backhaul your voice or data without interruption or interference.

Furthermore, as older analog lines fail or go out of service, many telecom providers have stated they will not replace the lines and are increasing their monthly prices to customers to continue supporting these aging lines.  Paying more for poor service makes the argument for replacement much stronger – particularly given how quickly you can achieve ROI after swapping out the leased lines.

With a solution like our award-winning Tornado radio, Mimomax offers point to point links and point-to multipoint networks with ultra-low latency, ultra-high reliability and full duplex aggregate data rates of 1280 kbps in 50 kHz channels (640 kbps in + 640 kbps out).

Maybe it’s time to move away from an OPEX model and towards a future where you have control over your costs?


Key benefits of replacing leased lines:

  • Shift away from an OPEX approach towards a CAPEX model
  • Improve your reliability with a network designed to mitigate interference and achieve high availability stats
  • Increase interoperability with other IP-based equipment
  • Improve the security of your data with high levels of encryption over a private network


Try our free Path Assessment to find out whether our award-winning Tornado radios could provide your fail-safe communications.

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