In a Word MiMOMax Saves Spectrum

MiMOMax strives to funnel more data through a channel more efficiently than comparable systems and is currently achieving world-beating spectral efficiencies. 

Spectrum is finite.  They can't make any more of it and it can't be re-used in the same coverage areas so any technology that can better utilise the available spectrum to provide higher data rates and better spectral utilisation is worth exploiting. 

MiMOMax utilises MiMO and Space Time Coding technologies to provide high reliability, ultra-high spectral efficiency and very low latency linking solutions in narrowband licensed channels to ensure reliable and interference-free operation.  The MiMOMax cutting-edge technology is specifically designed for mission-critical communication infrastructure, primarily owned by utilities, public safety organizations and transport markets.

Some of the real-world applications include:

  •  Rural telephony providing both broadband data and telephony services
  • Powerline teleprotection equipment providing mission-critical, low latency protection, SCADA & voice services to rural substations requiring Class I,II & III protection
  • Point-to-point radios for mission-critical data and linking networks
  • Point-to-multipoint radios for mission-critical data networks
  • PMR multi-channel linking solutions for conventional, trunked and simulcast radio systems
  • Video linking solutions

MiMOMax provides a wide range of consultancy and support services apart from specializing in high-efficiency radio solutions to ensure that your critical communication network continues to perform even in the harshest environment. 

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