Tornado MDL

Posted on 1 October 2014 by Kevin Smith

MiMOMax Tornado MDL is a full-duplex, software flexible, long range, Point to Multipoint remote radio solution with built in network management features for critical network infrastructures.

With scalable data rates and an efficient random access protocol, it can provide near real-time access to up to 1020 remote outstations with very high reliability and low latency even in the most adverse conditions. Plug and Play interfaces for both Ethernet and legacy RS232 via integrated terminal server enables network operators to transition to IP based SCADA solutions without the use of media converters and additional cables. Tornado’s remote monitoring and configuration capabilities allow users to remotely check and configure functionality of radios in the field, rather than dispatching a physical crew to the site saving valuable resources and time.

Additional features include wide range isolated power supply with low power consumption, built in band pass duplexers, Ethernet and RS232 interfaces, remote over the air network management, optional SNMP and DNP3 support and a full range of software features and remote diagnostics.. 

Initially operating in the licensed frequency bands between 420-470MHz, with a wide temperature operating range and optional waterproof outdoor mounting options, the Tornado enables unrivalled performance while maintaining MiMOMax’s renowned reputation for very high reliability and operational efficiency.

MiMOMax Tornado Spec Sheet


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