Team Simoco Approves MiMOMax Solutions

Posted on 15 March 2010 by Sara McCormick

Team Simoco Radio Communications & MiMOMax Wireless Ltd

As of December 2009, Simoco has formally approved the MiMOMax low latency and highly spectrally efficient linking product family, to provide PMR site linking for both recently released Simoco Xfin MPT 1327 products and TETRA systems. 

Simoco's Chief Technical Officer, Andy Grimmett, has indicated that they were pleasantly surprised by the speed and ease of setting up, configuring and installing MiMOMax equipment, in comparison to previously used linking equipment.   

"It just worked and did what they said it would do right out of the box without any problems"

- Andy Grimmett, CTO Team Simoco Limited

Additionally, Simoco are currently releasing an analogue base station range with Ethernet interface with which, they are also interested in using MiMOMax linking equipment. Simoco are also looking to explore MiMOMax's advanced software features, such as MiMOMax Data Acceleration Protocols*, to provide an enhanced and sophisticated overall solution.

Needless to say, the MiMOMax Team are extremely pleased with Simoco's approval, positive feedback, and the potential future business opportunities this approval is expected to yield.  The MiMOMax Team looks forward to working with Simoco to provide customers with innovative and effective radio solutions.  

*To learn more about MiMOMax Data Acceleration Protocols (M-DAP) and QoS solutions, click here.

About Simoco:

Simoco is an international Radio Communications company, who provide a broad range of radio communications products and services, including Portable Mobile Radios (PMR), Mobile Radios, Base Stations, Digital Applications and Systems Integration Simoco's solutions are designed to appeal to a variety of sectors, including utilities, transport, and government markets. The overriding objectives of Simoco are to ensure that they deliver services and products that meet their customers' requirements and exceed their customers' expectations.

About MiMOMax Wireless:

MiMOMax Wireless utilises MiMO and Space Time Coding technologies to provide high reliability, ultra high spectral efficiency, very low latency linking solutions in narrowband licensed channels to ensure reliable, and interference free operation for mission critical applications.

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