Tasmanian Rail Milestone - Major DMR linking project with Tait

Posted on 9 December 2013 by Kevin Smith

MiMOMax in partnership with Tait Communications have supplied a radio network for Tasmanian Rail in Australia.

Left: Steve Bunting, a Tait System Design Engineer stands with Tasmania Rail Base Stations & MiMOMax links

MiMOMax provided Tait with 19 x MiMOMax Link Radio Units to link 10 Tait base stations and 81 mobile units across 10 sites throughout Tasmania.  The MiMOMax radio units are used to transport VHF DMR Tier 3 Voice and Packet  Data to provide critical communications to locomotives and track vehicles across Tasmania

MiMOMax utilises high orders of modulation over narrowband MiMO technologies to provide reliable linking at ultra-high spectral efficiency. Utilising  proprietary compression schemes and advanced data management technology, enables MiMOMax to link up to 13+1 trunked channels of DMR or other digital PMR in 25 kHz while still having significant uncommitted Ethernet bandwidth available for other applications.

For further information about DMR and PMR Linking please click the PDF below.

MiMOMax PMR/DMR Linking Solutions



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