Software Feature Enablers 

MiMOMax Software Feature Enablers (SFEs) are optional advanced software features for enhancing the performance of a standard MiMOMax radio. The list of SFEs follows below:

  •  Over-the-Air Configuration (OTAC)
  •  Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP)
  •  Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Support
  •  MiMOMax Power on Demand (M-PoD)
  •  MiMOMax Data Acceleration Protocol (M-DAP)
  •  MiMOMax Routing Adaptation Protocol (M-RAP)
  •  MiMOMax Cognizant Adaptive Modulation (M-CAM)
  •  MiMOMax Security (M-SEC)
  •  Distributed Network Protocol v3 (DNP3) Support
  •  Nitro Boost
  •  Terminal Server
  •  Outstation Licenses

 MiMOMax SFE Spec Sheet 

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