Product Update: Multi-Point Digital LInk (MDL)

Posted on 25 August 2009 by Sara McCormick

Multi-Point Digital Link (MDL)                             

MiMOMax Wireless Limited has now released its new wireless Multi-Point Digital Linking (MDL) product, which allows point-to-multipoint communication, from the Base Radio Unit (BRU), to multiple Remote Radio Units (RRU). 

The MDL uses a proprietary access scheme, where up to 1024 RRU's can be efficiently supported by one BRU. The MDL, like all MiMOMax products, is very spectrally efficient, has ultra low latency and low jitter, to ensure efficient and effective data transmission.

Flexibility is also a core attribute of the MDL, as it is able host various interfaces, and can be combined with the Network Digital Link (NDL), to accommodate for harsh terrain and long distance paths.

Versatility is a key component of the MDL and it can be rack, pole or wall mounted to suit all environments. Applications include protection equipment, SCADA RTU's, and security equipment.  Please view the following link from the MiMOMax website, for comprehensive technical details on the MDL.



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