Orion reaches new heights of Spectral Efficiency

Posted on 6 June 2013 by Kevin Smith

MiMOMax would like to extend a warm welcome to new neighbours Orion.

Orion are one of the largest electricity networks in New Zealand, delivering electricity to over 193,000 homes and businesses across Canterbury and are soon to move into a new headquarters opposite MiMOMax Wireless.

They boast a high performance seriously smart, award winning MiMOMax wireless network that helps them cover and monitor 3,000 square miles of diverse geography, including Christchurch City, Banks Peninsula and high country and can be seen here installing their MiMOMax Dual Polarised Panel Antennas.

Orion was recognised in 2012 by the Utilities Telecommunications Council (UTC) with the presentation of its highest award for services to the community. A statement from UTC read that “Orion won the Apex Award because of its private mission-critical radio communications network which withstood all of the Canterbury earthquakes, allowing teams to start to restore power immediately while maintaining communications in the field. This innovative wireless technology was vital to Orion’s response and created benefits for the entire community, as it shortened the length of power cuts.”

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