Optimised Protection Variant-OPV

The MiMOMax OPV is a highly intelligent point-to-point radio system that provides complete rural substation Teleprotection communications solution for both power line protection and SCADA applications. It is designed to meet CAT I, II and III protection levels. Hence, can be employed to link power line protection relays (e.g. General Electric L90) within critical network infrastructure.

In addition to providing a low latency, low jitter 64kbps protection channel, it also provides at least 64kbps Ethernet capacity over the same radio link. The protection relays typically use the radio link to exchange data packets at 64kbps, containing power system voltage and current magnitude and phase angle information. This information is used to determine whether there is an unexpected event or power loss on the line and to transmit information used to trip circuit breakers when a line fault is detected.

The interface required for the protection relays is typically synchronous serial using V11 (RS422), X-21 or G703 signalling at 64kbps transmission rate. However, a number of other synchronous serial interfaces can also be accommodated. Furthermore, multiple layers of security ensure that the mission-critical operations remain highly secure.

MiMOMax OPV Spec Sheet

MiMOMax OPV Data Sheet 

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