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Posted on 26 January 2010 by Sara McCormick


MiMOMax Data Acceleration Protocols M-DAP

MiMOMax Data Acceleration Protocols (M-DAP) is designed to enhance VoIP and other real-time applications dramatically.  MDAP achieves a massive increase in capacity and quality by the following mechanisms:
  • Header compression of Ethernet / IP (Internet Protocol) / UDP (User datagram Protocol) / RTP (Real Time Protocol)
  • Quality of Service
  • Payload compression (future)

 MiMOMax Routing Adaptation Protocols (M-RAP)

M-RAP is an optional suite of protocols that provide dynamic re-routing.

  • In the event of path failure where multiple paths are available, M-RAP would be able to learn the topology of the network and therefore reroute paths as the topology changes (links lost or added).
  • OSPF routing protocol is used to determine which path to take, to achieve this re-routing in a MiMOMax system.  When a radio is "hard coded", as "the default gateway" into an area, then the area loses communications, even when the other radios could potentially act as default gateways. 
  • In the event of a communication failure VRRP is used in the MiMOMax radios to dynamically assign a virtual IP address so that the selected radio becomes the default gateway.      
  • QSPF routers only communicate their state with the other routers in that "area". GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) protocol may be used to pipe this monitoring information from the "areas" to a monitoring system in the core of the customer's network. Read More...


MiMOMax "Power On Demand" Link (M-PoD)

  • MiMOMax Wireless has developed, and is soon to be releasing, a "Power On Demand" Link (M-PoD), which is able to automatically activate when data needs to be transmitted, and de-activate once the data has finished everything.
  • The core benefit of this feature is the substantial savings in power consumption, as the link stays in idle when it is not in use, only consuming 10 watts of power (more information to be published on the M-PoD shortly)


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