Multi-Point Digital Link-MDL

The MiMOMax MDL is a highly reliable and robust point-to-multipoint wireless linking solution designed for mission-critical Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Telemetry applications. It consists of one or more Base Radio Units-BRUs that support up to 1020 Remote Radio Units (RRUs). 

These RRUs can be high-performance MiMOMax RRUs and/or the smaller and lower cost Tornado (RRU-T). This enables one comprehensive MDL system to support both high and low-tiered remote radios by connecting to the same BRU on one MDL system thereby providing best throughput utility and economy for the application. 

Utilizing high order modulation, MiMO technology and a unique random multi-access protocol, in conjunction with full-duplex operation, MDL maximizes system throughput and at the same time, minimizes RRU access time.

The MiMOMax MDL supports both native IP and legacy Asynchronous Serial RS232 Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) by means of optional embedded Terminal Server software. A number of interfaces are available to support various applications. Additionally, the system is capable of supporting remote outstations simultaneously on different modulation schemes to accommodate various data rates and link paths. 

Very high system gains and good receiver sensitivities mean that it is possible to achieve paths in excess of 100kms from high radio sites at full speed. Furthermore, any branch of MDL can be extended by using the MiMOMax point-to-point Network Digital Link (NDL) radio communications solution.

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