MiMOMax Wireless releases new software version for the DPS II processing platform

Posted on 7 August 2014 by Kevin Smith

MiMOMax Wireless has released a new software version for the DPS II processing platform utilised in MiMOMax Network Digital Link - Enhanced (NDL_E) Radio Units.

This latest release introduces several new features including the much anticipated Payload Compression for MiMOMax Data Accelerated Protocol (M-DAP). Payload Compression enables an increase in the effective data rate for applications such as SCADA, webpage traffic or other suitably compressible data. It does this by compressing and decompressing data packets on-the-fly, whilst they are being sent over the air. This can allow the link to carry significantly more traffic then may have been able to without this feature.    

Valuable Network Diagnostics Tools have also been integrated as part of the Over the Air Configuration Feature. This allows users to make use of utilities such as Ping, Trace route and TCP dump via the CCMS interface improving a technician's ability to debug network problems.

A new System Alarms Feature has been developed to allow Remote Monitoring of key parameters for a closer and more accurate analysis of system performance.

It incorporates features such as monitoring of the remote radio unit, updated serial alarms, expansion of the alarms that can control the relay and a new alarm interface display in CCMS.

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