MiMOMax Wireless Limited Wins 2009 FCS Business Radio Innovation Award

Posted on by Sara McCormick


MiMOMax Wireless Limited is proud to announce, that in the face of international competition, they have won 1st place in the 2009 FCS (Federation of Communication Services) Radio Business Innovation Award.

The prestigious award was intended for a company that was able to offer a product, which excelled in four key areas; Innovativeness, Originality, Commercial Application and Spectral Benefits.

MiMOMax entered their Optimised Protection Variant (OPV), which is specifically applicable to the UK Power Utility Protection Market.  

Utilizing one 25 kHz licensed channel for reliability, MiMOMax provides a complete substation communications system for Protection, Monitoring and Voice.  Because of the high spectral efficiency and very low latency of the MiMOMax OPV product, one single MiMOMax OPV link provides both synchronous protection for Cat I, II, and III protection schemes on one port, while simultaneously making at least 64kb/s available for monitoring and voice applications. 

With the current latency uncertainty surrounding Century 21 upgrading of the wired network to Packet services, MiMOMax can provide a radio based protection relay solution offering a latency of only 5.05ms and costing a fraction of laying a fibre equivalent.

Effectively one MiMOMax radio link provides to the substation the services that would normally require a Protection, a SCADA, and a Voice radio. This preserves radio spectrum and provides a reliable solution to a mission critical application

The FCS is a UK Trade Association, providing support for businesses, who deliver communication products and services to radio, wireless and mobile markets, to name a few examples. The FCS also aims to regulate, and secure a healthy, competitive market for the communications industry.  As indicated on their website (http://www.fcs.org.uk/), FCS describe; "A strong trade association is the stable force at the heart of a competitive and liberalised industry."

Additionally, the FCS fosters competition and encourages product excellence, through alternative means, such as, presenting yearly awards under multiple categories, with the Business Radio Innovation Award being no exception.

The (Gerald David OBE) FCS Business Radio Innovation Award has now been running for the previous six, consecutive years, and is sponsored by Team Simoco, who themselves, won the award in 2007.

2009 is the first year MiMOMax have entered an innovation award from the FCS, thus, to win it in the first year against such prestigious competition is a great honour for MiMOMax. 

Previous formal recognition includes Doug McConnell, MiMOMax's Chief Technical Officer, being announced a finalist in the category of "Innovator of the Year" at the 2008 TUANZ Innovation Awards. Click here to read more.  Additionally, prior to MiMOMax becoming a separate legal entity, an IEE, (Institution of Electrical Engineers, now the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)) 2005 Product Design award was presented to Tait Radio Communications, in recognition for a product now known as MiMOMax's.

Paul Daigneault, Managing Director of MiMOMax Wireless Limited reports:

Radio Spectrum; the most valuable resource in our business.  They are not making any more of it and no amount of expenditure can create it.  The only thing we can do is use it more wisely!

Our goal at MiMOMax (is) to deliver unequalled Spectral Efficiency in all our products. To be specific, high reliability Broadband in narrowband radio channels.

We were told by several academics on more than one occasion that what we were attempting  could not be done, but today we are delivering solutions based on high order modulation narrowband  MiMO, reliably providing up to 320 kb/s in 25 kHz licensed channels.

We are grateful to FCS for recognising the uniqueness in this value proposition and giving us the opportunity to showcase our wares.

Also our sincerest thanks go to; 

  •  Other deserving competitors in this category for making the competition possible
  •  JRC for finding spectrum for us to prove our products do what we said they would do.
  •  Our Utility business partners for supporting us with business based on technology they had never seen
  •  Simoco for sponsoring the prize and recognising what we had was unique
  •  Angus Tait our original founder, for his belief in the value of innovation as a driver of future prosperity."

Lastly, but importantly, it should not go amiss, having described the technological success of the OPV, MiMOMax acknowledges with much appreciation that they would not have attained such results, without the generous assistance from The (New Zealand) Foundation of Research, Science and Technology (FoRST).

To read more about the OPV, click here....

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