MiMOMax welcome Saudi Border Guard guests

Posted on 2 September 2013 by Kevin Smith

MiMOMax welcomed three representatives from the Saudi Border Guard last week who were presented with a range of MiMOMax products and demonstrations.

MiMOMax has enjoyed a long working relationship with the Saudi Border Guard providing NDL wireless linking solutions to enable very high reliability linking over very long distances through some of the harshest environments the planet has to offer. The Saudi Border Patrol monitor a long border of inhospitable desert where radio contact and location information are essential and reliability is critical.

There were several factors that could have affected this reliability including moving desert sands, very high atmospheric temperatures, high sites of up to 7000 ft. and multipath-induced fading issues common in Middle East. These factors along with very high availability expectations for mission critical voice traffic could have proved problematic however MiMOMax ultra-spectrally efficient linking solutions have been providing very high reliability with very low latency in these harsh environments for several years.

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