MiMOMax Tornado Turns One!

Posted on 28 August 2014 by Kevin Smith

 It has been one year since New Zealand Utility Orion took ownership of MiMOMax's Seriously Smart SCADA solution; MiMOMax Tornado.

Since then Orion has been impressed with the abilities and performance of MiMOMax's SCADA solutions and in a recent interview with Andrew Hill and Stephen Hirsch, Orion commented that "Tornado offers significant advantage with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition by enabling high signal strength and throughput combined with a helpful range of Software Features".

When asked what Software Features Orion utilises and which one is the most beneficial to them Andrew responded:

'I think we have just about all of the software features enabled over our MiMOMax radios, remote monitoring is really good as we can diagnose signal levels, in terms of radio and network performance we definitely value OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) and the MiMOMax Traffic Management feature but we use the remote monitoring capabilities every day to check the functionality of radios in the field. This saves us valuable time and resources being able to do this remotely rather than having to dispatch a physical crew to the site. The network would be severely impacted without this feature'

'The installers appreciate MiMOMax gear, the latest low profile antennas are light and easy to install. They can go up and down the pole with minimal hassle and install is usually as easy as Point and Play. Snow and ice are not a problem and our recent antenna install performed well in recent strong wind conditions. The mounting is nice and close to the pole which is excellent for wind loading'

When asked about the MiMOMax Work With Model and customer support Andrew and Stephen agreed that 'The MiMOMax Customer support service has been excellent.  The team at MiMOMax has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure  a smooth install and network transition, any queries or issues we  have are quickly resolved with prompt reply by phone or email correspondence, we feel safe in the knowledge that we would be well supported by the MiMOMax Customer Care team with future installs or if any problems arose.'

For Full Specifications of MiMOMax Tornado please click below.

MiMOMax Tornado Spec Sheet

MiMOMax MDL with Tornado Data Sheet




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