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Posted on 30 November 2012 by Beenish Piracha

MiMOMax is pleased to announce the release of the revolutionary point-to-multipoint SCADA radio called Tornado.

The industry-leading Tornado is a very smart, secure and industry-compliant narrowband point-to-multipoint remote radio for mission-critical SCADA and demanding telemetry applications. The Tornado is a full-duplex, MiMO, ultra-high spectrally efficient, very low latency IP solution, allowing utilities to gain greater capacity and future proof their investment. With many standard features including very low power consumption, scalable data rates, remote network management, SNMP and DNP3 support and an efficient random access protocol, the Tornado enables next generation performance while maintaining MiMOMax renowned deployment and operational efficiencies. Operating in the licensed frequency range of 330-520 MHz, the Tornado is fully compatible across the MiMOMax product range.

The Tornado is able to seamlessly work with MiMOMax Remote Radio Units (RRUs) in an MDL (point-to-multipoint) system while utilising the same Base Radio Unit (BRU) umbrella of radio coverage. This enables both high performance MiMOMax RRUs and lower power Tornado radios to operate and work seamlessly on the same system, simultaneously. Like all MiMOMax products, the Tornado provides ultra-high spectral efficiency with very low latency.  In standard form, the MiMO Tornado will provide full-duplex 80kbps raw data rate running QPSK 25 kHz (160kbps raw aggregate data rate). Software upgrades are available to enable even faster speeds.  

Being full-duplex enables not only much higher system throughputs but also enables a system to continue to operate fully when updating firmware to remote terminal devices or conducting other system management functions. “Spectrum is finite and a very valuable resource”, states Paul Daigneault, Managing Director, MiMOMax Wireless.  “Building this much throughput and so many features in such a small package is a huge technological breakthrough.  We were told by many experts that this simply could not be done. But our highly intelligent linking solutions have stood the test of time and have again delivered an industry-leading ultra-high spectral efficiency and very low latency radio at an economical price”. “This has tremendous economic benefits to users”, elaborates Daigneault. This allows power and water suppliers, for example, to improve the quality and reliability of their distribution systems by monitoring and controlling the lower-tiered network assets in real time.  Having the additional full-duplex throughput and capacity also ensures that as the ongoing requirement for more information grows in the future, the systems will have the capacity to cope.  It also allows the spectrum regulators to slice up the channels into smaller pieces ensuring that maximum economic benefit is derived from each slice of this valuable resource, explains Daigneault. Hence, with easy and efficient installation and on-going technical and consultative support, the MiMOMax Tornado offers benefits that can be derived over the lifetime of the product.

The Tornado remote radio is available in 330-520 MHz frequency range in 12.5 kHz & 25 kHz narrowband channels in 6.25 and 5 kHz steps.  Improved frequency reference with enhanced spectral performance supports greater signal sensitivity and better path performance. It comes with a dual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet switch that supports auto negotiation while standby power consumption of less than 5W  supports long standby and low battery costs. The radio includes a full range of digital and analogue interfaces and is packaged in a small form factor with a number of mounting options. Internal Bandpass micro-duplexer further enhances the MiMOMax radio performance by assisting to mitigate on-site interference from other equipment.  The radio supports a large number of software features including local and remote configuration and programming and local and over-the- air firmware upgrade. Most power sources are catered for by a built-in wide input isolated power supply. MiMOMax   comprehensive diagnostics have been further enhanced including RSSI, reverse power sense and constellation capture. Full status indicators, alarms and an external front panel reset are all available on the front panel. MiMOMax has also upgraded to a new Digital Processing System that  results in increased performance of the CPU, memory, microprocessors and clock thereby providing more system processing power and the capability to pre-process data prior to transmission.

All MiMOMax radios are designed to provide reliable communications over long paths in harsh terrains. Offering many software feature enabled options and multiple layers of security, the future defensive IP radio platform also supports legacy RS232 systems. MiMOMax offers complete solutions for mission-critical network infrastructure.

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