MiMOMax's Team Grows

Posted on 2 September 2010 by Sara McCormick

The MiMOMax Team continues to experience growth within the commercial area of its business, with the addition of a sales person who will be based in the New South Wales region of Australia. Having had over 15 years experience in the Asia Pacific tele-communications industry, Brendon Humphries specialises in RF network planning, and was a commercial customer support and sales engineer for Exicom Ltd Australia, prior to joining the MiMOMax Team.

The sales engineer role will be dedicated to producing further business development and securing sales opportunities within Australasian Mission Critical markets. Brendon believes there are many opportunities in MiMOMax's prime target markets, which include; power protection and monitoring systems for utilities industries, PMR linking, rural broadband delivery, and integrated service delivery, for example, simultaneous analogue voice, serial and IP data.

Brendon's role will involve close collaboration with Australasian dealers, systems integrators, and end users. The MiMOMax Team expects the role will significantly increase market awareness of the MiMOMax brand. More importantly, it will facilitate and optimise understanding of MiMOMax solutions and distinct features. When asked what he believes to be MiMOMax's core advantages in the Australasian market, Brendon reports;

"MiMOMax has the ability to simplify wireless service delivery whilst enabling a greater degree and ease of control over these services (voice / data / IP).

MiMOMax facilitates the migration of legacy wireless communications networks over to an IP based platform thus hastening the transition of information into modern, computer based networks. Higher security, faster speeds and less hardware required to achieve a unified wireless solution.

MiMOMax provides the user with higher traffic densities per Hz of spectrum than ever previously seen anywhere in current radio based systems....Unprecedented control over access, reporting and quality of service."

Brendon has indicated he intends to leverage these distinctive features to increase awareness and customise MiMOMax's high end solutions to meet RF service providers' required specifications, and secure mutually advantageous sales for MiMOMax and dealers, systems integrators, and end-users.

The MiMOMax Team are aware that entering into the Australasian market will be accompanied by challenges. Although existing Australasian based partnerships will support further market entry, MiMOMax requires a sales engineer to consistently and actively reinforce MiMOMax solutions' performance and provide an accessible point of contact whenever necessary. The Team and Brendon believe such targets are within their reach and well on their way to achieving them. Brendon reports;

"I am excited at the opportunity offered to me as I believe the product revolutionises wireless design and delivery.....

(and) the prospect of working in a fresh team environment of highly focused and enthusiastic people."


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