MiMOMax releases proprietary Cognizant Adaptive Modulation Scheme (M-CAM)

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MiMOMax releases proprietary Cognizant Adaptive Modulation Scheme (M-CAM)

MiMOMax has established a high spectral efficiency 320kb/s NDL link between Sugar Loaf Hill and Burnside in Christchurch.  Sugar Loaf is a very busy shared site with a number of high powered TV and other transmitters including several operating in the same band as the MiMOMax transmitter.  The site is well engineered, but with so many high powered transmitters sharing the site, it has some unique engineering challenges. 

Without installing any additional filtering, the MiMOMax links worked first time at full throughput. This is a good testament to the selectivity performance of the MiMOMax equipment and ease of set-up of a link.  Initially however the up-link would periodically suffer from some interference, which would cause the link Bit Error Rate (BER) to increase and in some cases cause the link to have to re-set to fully recover.

MiMOMax then remotely loaded its new proprietary Smart Adaptive Modulation scheme (known as M-CAM) on to the system.  The Cognizant Adaptive Modulation scheme monitors the link performance in real time and makes decisions about the suitability of a particular modulation scheme given the current RF environment.  Then M-CAM works to optimize the throughput at any particular point in time by altering the modulation scheme to best accommodate the link.

Following the implementation of M-CAM the NDL showed no deterioration at all in the down link latency or data rate, (and was already running at full link capacity) and only a slight deterioration in the up-link instantaneous throughput.  Link performance met specified error rates in both directions and link integrity was maintained throughout the tests.

Further tests have confirmed that including the M-CAM option may achieve the following:    

  • Increase system range
  • Reduce data error rate
  • Increase average throughput
  • Provide additional fade protection
  • Provide some interference protection
  • Minimise any link drop-out
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