MiMOMax Power Over Ethernet Solution for MiMOMax Tornado

Posted on 18 April 2014 by Kevin Smith

MiMOMax Wireless has Developed a Pole Mounted Power Over Ethernet Solution for the MiMOMax Tornado  Family. 

In many cases where high performance Ethernet links are required, the costs associated with the installation of the equipment can far outweigh the costs of the actual radio equipment. However by using a Passive Injected, Pole Mounted Power Over Ethernet (PoE) solution, it is possible to significantly reduce the installation costs that are associated with Tower Site RF and Power Cabling.  By utilising the integrated MiMOMax Tornado Micro Duplexers and the PoE Tornado capability, most of the cabling and installation costs associated with RF and Power cabling can be eliminated.  This enables  a much faster, tidier, lower cost and more reliable installation with the added benefit of lower RF losses giving better overall system and path performance.

In conjunction with the MiMOMax Low Profile, high-gain, 450MHz Panel Antenna, the PoE solution Tornado may be installed very quickly and simply by a single rigger losses. By housing all of the radio and network electronics in one outdoor weather proof enclosure, the only connection required for an Ethernet Tornado linking solution is one 50VDC PoE Ethernet cable.

Benefits summary:

•Simple, Fast, Reliable Low Cost Installation by One Rigger

•Reduces the Cost of Cables, Clamps, Connectors & Clips.

•Improves Reliability by Minimising Potential for Water Ingress

•Minimises Potential for Cable Damage from Bending or Birds

•Reduces RF Path Loss and Improves System Gains


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