Network Digital Link-NDL

The MiMOMax NDL is a highly reliable and robust point-to-point wireless linking solution designed to support PMR Linking, SCADA and Backhaul applications.

Utilizing the MiMO technology and full-duplex operation, this narrowband fixed wireless solution provides a reliable low-error data transport service.

A number of internal interfaces are available to support various SCADA applications and also multichannel, conventional, analogue, simulcast, MPT, P25 and/or TETRA digital networks in trunked and simulcast configurations.

For PMR applications, a separate high quality Network Interface Box (NIB) with up to 6 x 32k ADPCM audio channels plus 9k6 RS232 signalling channel, supports analogue networks.

Multiple links can be cascaded to cope with difficult terrain and very long paths. Different mounting options provide the much-needed flexibility for varied network requirements.

Being fully compatible with the rest of the MiMOMax product types, NDL can be incorporated into the MiMOMax MDL (point-to-multipoint) linking solution.

MiMOMax NDL Spec Sheet          

MiMOMax NDL Data Sheet

MiMOMax PMR Linking Solutions

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