MiMOMax NDL Endorsed for Tait's Trunked P25 Network

Posted on 16 April 2010 by Sara McCormick


Tait Radio Communications Endorses the MiMOMax Network Digital Link (NDL) for its Trunked P25 Network

Tait Radio Communications (Tait) has recommended the MiMOMax Wireless Ltd Network Digital Link (NDL) as their preferred linking solution for P25 inter-site communications. The combination of the very high reliability, high capacity and spectral efficiency, in conjunction with low delay and jitter, makes the MiMOMax NDL ideally suited to interconnecting Tait P25 sites. Not only does it provide superior performance in terms of on time delivery of the voice packets, even in the presence of large amounts of non-voice IP traffic, but it may achieve this in up to 10 to 20 times less RF spectrum than competing solutions.

After evaluating link performance within the field trial, the Tait Development Team indicated that they are satisfied the NDL meets the system inter-site communications requirements and is able to successfully link the Taitnet trunked P25 network. Given this positive outcome, Tait is pleased to formally endorse the use of the NDL as a highly spectrally efficient and ultra low latency fixed linking solution for the Taitnet trunked P25 network.

The P25 field trial analysed the traffic capability, reliability, latency and jitter performance of the NDL, under a variety of different tests including heavy loading.  As a result, Tait confirmed that the MiMOMax NDL is capable of supporting up to five P25 traffic channels plus a control channel in one 25kHz linking channel, using 16QAM MiMO or alternatively a 12.5kHz linking channel, using 256QAM MiMO. Moreover, it should be noted that if required the NDL is capable of supporting up to ten P25 traffic channels (in a single 25kHz 256QAM MiMO channel).

Tait stated that they were particularly impressed with the very low latency and low jitter, typically adding as little at 5ms to the overall system delay, with no voice packet loss. Additionally, the MiMOMax Data Acceleration Protocols (M-DAP) flawlessly processed traffic, via successful recognition of the P25 service requirements.

Tait has previously endorsed the MiMOMax NDL for Taitnet P25 conventional and simulcast systems. Therefore, the MiMOMax NDL is now endorsed by Tait as a complete simulcast, conventional and trunked, P25 network inter-site linking solution.


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