MiMOMax Exhibits at Tait Demo Day

Posted on 1 August 2014 by Kevin Smith

MiMOMax was presented with the opportunity of demonstrating at the highly successful Tait "Demo Day" last month.

This was a great opportunity to demonstrate to members of Tait Communications the high performance capabilities of MiMOMax linking solutions when working with Tait Base stations. The P25 system was set up to demonstrate MiMOMax Software Feature; M-DAP and how a link would cope with a heavy traffic load  across a channel.  
The system comprised of a MiMOMax Point to Point NDL link in QAM256 modulation connecting two TB9100s Base Stations over a 25kHz channel. At each end were Tait hand-held radios and Demo participants were able to view what effect a channel processing 210kbits/s traffic would have on Latency and Jitter between the hand-held radios.  

Typically over a MiMOMax link  Latency is 10ms in normal operating conditions but even with this heavy traffic simulation Demo Day attendees were impressed to learn about MiMOMax traffic managment and protocols that allow can support up to 10 Channels of PMR linking and up to 13 Channels of DMR. It is this kind of strong performance and long running relationship that led Tait to announce MiMOMax as it's Preferred PMR Linking Partner four years ago.        

For more information about MiMOMax NDL & Tait Basestations working together please click Here or view our MiMOMax NDL Case Study for American Utility Puget Sound Energy.  


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