MiMOMax Demonstrates Breakthrough in Spectral Efficiency

Posted on by Paul Daigneault

MiMOMax Demonstrates Breakthrough in Spectral Efficiency

21 July 2008, Christchurch, New Zealand

MiMOMax wireless has demonstrated its fastest yet version of its MiMO narrowband linking product, achieving what is believed to be the fastest commercial narrowband linking speeds available anywhere.  In the process MiMOMax also beat known products from around the globe in achieving narrowband spectral efficiency notes Paul Daigneault, Managing Director of MiMOMax Wireless Limited.

Most competitive high performance radio linking products are capable of cramming 64-kilobits of data per second in a 25-kilohertz slice of radio spectrum over a reasonable distance with a high reliability factor and low probability of error.  In the narrowband radio world, this is not a bad level of performance when all things are considered states Doug McConnell, MiMOMax’s Chief technology Officer.

The MiMOMax Network Digital Link (NDL) product reliably achieved 320-kilobits per second, over 4 times this data throughput in the same channel space.  “Spectrum is a finite and a valuable resource,” states Daigneault.  “This is a huge technological breakthrough.  We were told by many experts that this simply could not be done.  The simplest comparison I can make is like suddenly being able to achieve double or better the fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine”.

“This has tremendous economic benefits to users”, states Daigneault.  “Although the equipment comes with a slightly higher technology and component cost, the benefits are derived over the whole lifetime of the product.  In practical terms these systems are typically used by utilities, public safety organisations and the like to monitor and control their systems.  This allows power and water suppliers for example to improve the quality and reliability of their distribution systems by monitoring and controlling more elements in real time.  Having the additional data capacity also ensures that as the ongoing requirement for more information grows in the future, the systems will still have the capacity to cope.  It also allows the spectrum regulators to slice up the radio channels into smaller and smaller pieces ensuring that maximum economic benefit is derived from each slice of this valuable resource”, states Daigneault.

Paul Daigneault and Doug McConnell were formerly Tait senior executives who set up MiMOMax as a separate entity under the Tait group of companies to exploit rapidly evolving advanced wireless technologies. “Moving those engineers over to a completely new structure is also a prime example of organisational innovation to tackle new markets and segments," says Paul Daigneault.  We are very excited by the change and have several more innovations to come in the near future.

Technical Background 

In normal circumstances, multiple signals on the same radio channels generally interfere with each other in many different ways, often making reception impossible for standard receivers.  However MiMOMax by using MiMO transceivers (Multiple Input Multiple Output) in conjunction with very high power digital signal processing techniques, has made it possible to resolve the different information encapsulated in the different radio signals and then recombine these intelligently in a manner that dramatically improves information throughput in narrowband radio channels. 

Thanks to the research work completed in conjunction with leading international wireless research universities and some assistance through New Zealand's Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, MiMOMax is currently ahead of competition  it has actual working narrow band products available today. Because radio spectrum is finite, any gain in spectral efficiency is extremely valuable.  The application of MiMO technology has the potential to provide the next breakthrough in data throughput and spectral efficiency.

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