MiMOMax A Key Speaker at RadioComms Connect 2010

Posted on 9 November 2010 by Sara McCormick

MiMOMax Wireless a Key Speaker at RadioComms Connect 2010 presenting on "Ultra Spectral Efficiency & Emerging Technologies"  

MiMOMax Wireless Ltd's CEO Paul Daigneault has been announced as a key speaker at RadioComms Connect 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. RadioComms Connect is a Two-Way Radio Communication event that is highly regarded within the Asia Pacific region. The event is geared towards Governmental, Public Safety and Transport market sectors, attracting many telecommunications end users, regulatory bodies, systems integrators, dealers and vendors from around the region.

The MiMOMax presentation will aim enhance awareness and understanding of ultra efficient spectrum management, and examine the advantages of using emergent, highly innovative technologies. 

"Spectrum is the most valuable resource available to the radio engineer.  It is finite and money cannot create any more. By using modern technology, it is possible to maintain the advantages well recognized by radio engineers in the golden spectrum, and still provide highly reliable, ultra high spectrally efficient solutions, to evolving applications which require more bandwidth."

                                                                            - Paul Daigneault, CEO, MiMOMax Wireless Ltd


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