MiMOMax 400MHz Tornado Radios FCC Certified

Posted on 14 January 2015 by Kevin Smith

MiMOMax's 400MHz Tornado Radio Units have been certified by the Federation of Communications Commission (FCC), for Part 90 of the Code of Federal Relations (CFR) 47 and Industry Canada (IC) RSS-119.

The FCC and IC certification covers both 25kHz and 12.5kHz channel spacing. An independent test house was commissioned, and returned a test report showing very good performance in both 25kHz and 12.5kHz channels. Needless to say, the MiMOMax team are extremely pleased with these results, especially as obtaining both FCC endorsement and IC endorsements allows them to offer their 400MHz Tornado Radios to a wider international market. MiMOMax engages the services of an independent test house when seeking product compliance. This benefits the customer and builds trust by having a third party stamp of approval which reinforces the integrity of their products.

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