Leadership Team

David Wade- CEO, MiMOMax Wireless Limited

David Wade, joins the MiMOMax Team as CEO. David was a long-term employee at MiMOMax’s sister company Tait Communications Ltd, with many years as Chief Financial Officer as well as Acting CEO, and was the Chairman of MiMOMax from 2007 through 2012. David brings a wealth of financial and commercial experience, market knowledge and his previous experience within MiMOMax to the organisation.




Doug McConnell-CTO & Co-Founder MiMOMax Wireless Limited

BE, University of Canterbury NZ

Doug commenced with Tait in 1974 as a hands-on development engineer and has 34 continuous years of service in the radio business.  Following the successful development and implementation of a number of innovative products including a new family of CTCSS (squelch) and high reliability tone signalling products, Doug became Development Manager for the Tait Base Station group.  In this role he supervised the development of the T300 product family and the high performance T800 among other products and solutions.  Following the outstanding success of these products, Doug was promoted to Group Development Manager; a position he held for 6 years.  

Doug was instrumental in establishing a separate radio research activity at Tait and led the team that worked on the initial Tetra developments resulting in high performance prototype platforms for the Tait proposed Tetra products.  Doug continued to lead the wireless research teams, producing a number of other concept prototypes involving advanced wireless concepts, some of which eventually led to the advanced narrow band MiMO solutions. Doug transferred to MiMOMax as the CTO in 2007 and is still the technical driving force behind the MiMOMax solutions and is still hands-on with some of the unique advanced MiMO antenna designs. 

Doug has a strong general technology interest and has been the technology consultant working with the Ministry of Economic Development, Foundation for Research Science and Technology and is also the MiMOMax representative with the National Wireless Research Institute. Doug is married with two daughters and is still active in amateur radio circles and enjoys sailing when time permits.





Paul Daigneault 
Founding Managing Director/CEO of MiMOMax Wireless

Paul Daigneault has 35 years of experience in the electronics, IT and telecommunications business, 24 of which have been spent with Tait Communications. He has held many roles in the Tait divisions including Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Service, General Corporate and Commercial Management. In the engineering role, Paul’s main achievement was the hands on T300 Base Station equipment designs. 
In addition, Paul was responsible for the establishment and management of the Tait Systems and Solutions division and more recently was the company's Commercial Manager and responsible for company strategy including the Tait digital program and OEM business relationships. 

External to Tait, Paul spent 10 years in electronic distribution as either Sales and Marketing Director or Technical Director for Australasia’s largest component distributor and was also South Island Manager Corporate for Telecom NZ and a further two years in providing private consultation services on business re-engineering projects.

Paul was the founding Managing Director/CEO of MiMOMax Wireless Limited and his contribution to the organisation is greatly appreciated. His hardwork and dedication along with the rest of the MiMOMax founding team saw the organisation grow from a handful of staff into a thriving international company. Thanks to Paul's hardwork and leadership the MiMOMax solution has been implemented with a vast international reach that continues to grow.




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