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Posted on 10 June 2011 by Sara McCormick

MiMOMax & Chorus NZ

MiMOMax radios deployed in a highly critical communications network

For the past two years MiMOMax has collaborated with New Zealand telecommunications network operator, Chorus, to upgrade a highly critical communications network for a major regional customer. Prior to upgrading the customer had for 25 years utilised a low capacity and analogue data infrastructure system. Due to growing network demands, they required an enhanced, more sophisticated and packet based Ethernet IP network, which supported higher capacities, faster data access times and improved event management.

As a constituent of the turnkey solution supplied to the customer by Chorus, MiMOMax radios now form an integral component of the new network. In total, eleven point-to-point MiMOMax UHF narrowband and native IP links have been deployed to support both VoIP and SCADA applications. Several of the MiMOMax radio links were installed over near line-of-sight paths and, as they operate in UHF licensed frequencies, they have since performed to a very high standard. Chorus has reported that they are happy with the performance of all eleven of the MiMOMax radio links.

"The MiMOMax radio links have successfully contributed to optimising the performance of our customer's highly critical communications network. They have provided high capacity, reliable and very low latency data transmission, while consuming very little spectrum."

Brent Jones, Radio Principle Delivery Specialist, Chorus NZ




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