CCMS & Network Management

Designed to be flexible and in order to meet carrier grade system management requirements, MiMOMax offers a number of options that enable either direct, LAN or remote connection to the Configuration, Control and Monitoring Software (CCMS).

At the low end, the CCMS may be directly connected to the MiMOMax radio modem on either local or remote site to enable configuration control and monitoring. However, given that many of the remote sites are difficult to access and that the MiMOMax radio modem may be mounted on a tower or in a difficult terrain, the remote CCMS option (Over-the-Air Configuration-OTAC) is recommended.

This allows configuration control and monitoring of both ends of the link from either location, using over-the-air link. If the network connection option is enabled, then this OTAC can also be done remotely via LAN. In either case, CCMS access is possible through any standard web browser.

For the high end option, MiMOMax uses industry standard SNMP and proprietary MIBs to monitor radio and network parameters to integrate directly into any customers SNMP management environment. Management traffic may be carried in-band directly and optionally over a customer’s LAN.

MiMOMax also offers an in-service remote software download option. Over-the-Air Programming (OTAP) is available on all MiMOMax wireless systems meaning that links do not necessarily have to be taken out of service during an upgrade. As a result, customer traffic may not be affected during the software download and upgrade. A software reversion option ensures that in the event of an unsuccessful download, service is retained on the previous software version. 

MiMOMax CCMS Spec Sheet 

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