Christchurch City Council reach new heights of Spectral Efficiency

Posted on 14 August 2013 by Kevin Smith

We have received fantastic pictures of a MiMOMax Omni antenna being installed for the Christchurch City Council on a beautiful winter day in Canterbury.

The antenna below is an Omni Directional Collinear antenna which transmits 360 degrees with both vertical and horizontal polarised signals while offering 10dbi nominal antenna gain. It is specifically designed for point-to-multipoint master base station solutions where 360 degree path signals are required to simultaneously transmit to a number of remote outstations. The Omni Directional Antenna is capable of supporting MiMOMax links of over 60km (high site) with some near-line-of-sight capability. For full specifications please click the PDF button at the bottom.


MiMOMax Omni Directional Collinear Antenna

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