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‘The product was clearly developed to a very high standard – the entire project team were impressed. Testing was completed to a very high standard and the test report we received contained an excellent amount of information. Timescales were carefully managed throughout the project and the regular communication updates ensured project progress was clearly understood resulting in the project being delivered early.’

    --Sandra Callowhill, Senior Project Manager, Airwave

    'The MiMOMax installation went very well as it was plug and play. It was the easiest link install we have ever done.'

    --Mike Munafo, President at Southern Communications

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"Last night there were significant snow falls at Crackenback & Perisher which provided a further test of the reliability of the radio base and links at these locations. The data log from the Mimomax radio link at Crackenback showed that despite these conditions the link did not fail even once. The worst impact experienced was a 10-15db fade on the link, however this was not enough to cause it to fail. This has in my view demonstrated the benefit of installing the heated antenna at these sites, and further shows the value of having access to the MiMOMax performance logs."


                 --Richard Cerveny, Communication Systems Officer
Fire & Rescue NSW.

'Thank you for the support the MiMOMax team provided last week during the FAT of the Fire and Rescue New South Wales P25 radio network. The testing went particularly well and the customer was very satisfied and impressed at the seamless integration of the MiMO linking with the Tait TB9100 base stations. I, myself, was very impressed at how easy the installation and connection was and managed to configure and test these for the first time without any trouble. Operating the links at 16QAM, we managed to achieve data throughput in excess of 129 kbps and 190 kbps at 64QAM, which the customer was very excited about and network latency through multiple link hops was well under our expected results.


The demonstration of the M-DAP feature was particularly important. We tested the link at maximum capacity and all P25 traffic was transported with priority and without any packet loss or artefacts of any kind, which was crucial to the success of the acceptance testing. I will certainly be recommending MiMOMax as a fast, reliable and easy linking solution and hope to work with you again in the near future.'

--Ryan McCabe, Customer Support Engineer,
Tait Communications Asia-Pacific Region

'The MiMOMax system was utilized for backhaul as part of a Motorola Dimetra Tetra radio system deployment for BHP Biliton, Olympic Dam. The support in the design phase was highly proficient and the installation was straightforward. The system has been performing above expectations across a notoriously difficult path.'

--John Di Ubaldo, Project Manager, Di Ubaldo & Co.

'Because our wireless radios operate in licensed UHF frequencies and have relatively wide-beam antennas, antenna towers can be skewed up to 45 degree angles and still retain functionality...the earthquake simply confirmed our choice of UHF IP radios as a mission-critical communications solution. There was, and still is, no other alternative.'

--Neville Digby,  Senior Systems Engineer, Orion New Zealand Limited

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