Posted on 6 September 2010 by Sara McCormick

Earthquake Canterbury & MiMOMax Wireless Limited

Dear All,

I would like to thank everyone who contacted us with concerns and offers of assistance.  All MiMOMax employees are fine.  Although our premises has suffered some minor damages, we expect to be fully operational by Tuesday 7th September, following a brief clean up and ensuring that our premises are structurally sound and safe. 

Canterbury is not a traditionally earthquake prone zone, but the current situation has shown the benefits of having a disaster relief plan. The teams involved in ensuring business continuity have performed exceptionally well, preventing major disruptions to routine operations.

To our customers we assure that there has been no damage to stock or our capability. We expect  very little if any delay to shipments which, will continue as planned later this week.   

In the mean time we are still available to provide customer support and answer any queries as they arise.

Again from all the team at MiMOMax, we thank you for your concern, and assure you the best of our support should you require it,

Kindest regards,

Paul Daigneault - CEO & Managing Director

MiMOMax Wireless Limited



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