Bandpass Filters

Posted on 19 June 2012 by Beenish Piracha

MiMOMax has released low insertion loss bandpass filters. 

MiMOMax band pass filters are designed specifically with the MiMOMax radios in mind but may also be used in conjunction with any suitable wireless transmitter or receiver. The band-pass filter is a low insertion loss, wide band filter solution designed to fit in both antenna leads of a MiMOMax radio.  In addition to the initial offering of 6MHz wide design pass-band, MiMOMax has now released 11MHz pass bandwidth filter. Both the MiMOMax transmit and receive frequencies can freely pass through the filter, while out of band signals are strongly attenuated.


The MiMOMax band-pass filters should be considered for use in sites where there are a large number of transmitters or a few high power transmitters in adjacent or nearby bands that are likely to cause blocking problems. The wide tuning range, steep filter cut rate together with the high power rating ensure these filters are compatible with a wide range of radio equipment and applications. In conjunction with optional band-stop filters, the MiMOMax band-pass filter provides an economical low loss solution to site engineering problems encountered on busy sites.

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