Application Notes

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           Application of the MiMOMax NDL Series to Link Mission-Critical PMR Networks

Interfacing OPV to Protection Equipment

(Interfacing MiMOMax Optimised Protection Variant (OPV) to various protection equipment)

             Series I

              GE L90 LDR (RS-422) Interface

             Series II

              Areva DIP 5000 (X-21) Interface

              Connection to Areva P591 (G-703) Interface

              GE L90 (RS-422) Interface

              RFL GARD 8000 (X21) Interface

              RFL SMX3/40-MUX(X21)Interface

              RFL 9745 (X-21) Interface

Radio Unit Connection to SEL-2894 Interface Convertor

Interfacing With MiMOMax Radios & Interface Units

               Using Rad V-Mux to Provide 4 Wire Audio and E&M signalling across the NDL system

               Wired Bench Test Set up for External Duplexer MiMOMax Radio

               Using the Radio Alarm Interface

               Four Wire Audio NIB Connection to RFL 63-Series Modem 

               Four Wire Audio NIB Connection to Telenetics FlashPoll Modem 

               DC Connector Diagram


Software Updates & Data Capture 

(Instructions to download softwares & data captures to MiMOMax equipment) 

              Instructions for Downloading the Data Log from a MiMOMax Radio

              Instructions for Downloading the Event Capture Log from a MiMOMax Radio

              Instructions for Upgrading MiMOMax Software via the MiMOMax CCMS


Support Features Available Within Each Product Family

Radio Unit 

Software Release Version 

Synchronous Serial Interface 

DIFF IV: Fibre Interface 

Sub Mux External Interface 

Firewall & Security 


435MHz Extension


 Constellation Capture & Diagnostic Logging 

 MiMOMax Network Digital Link (NDL)  NDL 15.0
 MiMOMax Optimised Protection Variant (OPV2)
 OPV2 16.0
 MiMOMax Multi-Point Digital Link (MDL)
 MDL 8.0
Not Applicable
Not Applicable  Not Applicable          

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