MiMOMax Wireless Limited (MWL) is a spin-off company from the Advanced Wireless Research Group at Tait Electronics Limited (TEL). It was co-founded by Paul Daigneault and Doug McConnell (CTO) in 2007 and since been consistently expanding into new markets in an attempt to advance MiMOMax technology. MWL services a large international customer base, including United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Middle East to name a few.

The MiMOMax Space Time Diversity system utilises the propagation property that radio signals travelling via different paths will by definition arrive at a remote receiver at different times.  In normal radio reception, this effect generally degrades radio channel performance, known as multi-path, often resulting from the familiar "multi-path" fading and distortion effects.

In MiMO systems, the multi-path effects are used in order to improve radio channel performance.  The MiMO concept utilises multiple antennas at both transmit and receive ends to not only increase the radio channel throughput but also to improve the received signal quality.

MiMOMax technology was initially researched, collaboratively between TEL and various universities including Canterbury University, IRL (Wellington), Victoria University of Technology (Melbourne), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Simon Fraser University, Bristol University and King's College (London). Such research included close involvement with the Wireless Research Centre, which is within New Zealand ICT Innovation Institute.

MiMOMax Wireless Limited undertakes both product development and manufacturing in Christchurch, New Zealand. MWL and TEL are separate legal entities, however, both companies are owned by the same Trust originally established by Sir Angus Tait.

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