Ultra-low Latency & Ultra-high Reliability for Substation Protection Network


As part of an upgrade from an ageing analog radio system to a digital P25 system from Tait Communications, MiMOMax Wireless were selected as the backhaul, point to point linking solution for Fire & Rescue NSW.
Key challenges:
The FRNSW requirement called for linking between 45 radio sites located in remote parts of southern NSW. 
With environments ranging from Mt Perisher, the highest communications site on the Australian continent, to flat sites located in remote Western NSW. FRNSW required a resilient communications solution which would connect these remote sites to the Communication Centers in Sydney and Newcastle.
Involving some longer links and, at time, harsh weather, the MiMOMax solution required extensive RF engineering for some sites.
MiMOMax Wireless Series II and Tornado - offering superior data throughput for narrowband channels and the ability for radio links to also act as routers and multicast units.
Application: Backhaul linking via Point-to-Point Radio Network.
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Owning and operating an electricity distribution network of 800 square kilometers of diverse geography in central Canterbury, Orion NZ Ltd is focused on maintaining an uninterrupted, reliable power supply to the 200,000 customers connecting into their network.


Key challenges

Power distribution lines and substations are typically protected by protection relays to ensure that even under severe fault conditions the line and the equipment connected to that line is protected. This protection thereby minimizes the impact on end users from any power disruption.

Orion's requirements for a teleprotection solution included:

  • Ultra-low latency and phase jitter to meet the design criteria for teleprotection circuits;
  • The ability to be installed acress difficult terrain - often in areas where stringent environmental standards would need to be met;
  • An approach which would not depend upon the installation of fiber or microwave links.



MiMOMax Wireless Optimized Protection Variant (OPV) - a variant of the MIMO linking product family providing a guaranteed bandwidth serial interface with ultra-low latency and jitter.

Application: Teleprotection.


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