Coverage, Reliability and Security for Surf Life Saving New Zealand


With an aging analogue network to upgrade and a requirement for a robust linking solution offering superior coverage, Surf Life Saving New Zealand selected MiMOMax Wireless to provide the links which would underpin their critical operations.


Key challenges

Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLS) was planning a full upgrade of their analogue network but were contending with constraints created by cost, topography and some non-line of sight linking.  Working closely with Logic Wireless, a distributor of Business Critical Communications solutions, to determine their needs, SLS had assessed Land Mobile Radio and Broadband (LTE) options prior to settling on a Digital Mobile Radio Tier II solution.  For the linking component of the project, microwave had been considered but was found to be cost-prohibitive compared to using a high capacity, narrowband link.

Due to the critical nature of their operations, maintaining the integrity of Surf Lifesaving’s communications solution was vital – it was imperative that there could be no interference which would impact either the security or availability of their network.

In addition, there was a desire that the new network could be managed centrally and would allow for interoperability with other emergency services in order to share information effectively and rapidly during an emergency.

Finally, the new solution also needed to be financially sustainable both in terms of capital expenditure and long-term operation for the non-profit organization.



MiMOMax Wireless Series II 400 MHz band - offering superior data throughput for narrowband channels combined with ultra-low latency for rapid, reliable communications.

Application: MiMOMax Wireless UHF Point to Point Backhaul Linking solution for secure, reliable public safety communications.

As part of an upgrade from an ageing analog radio system to a digital P25 system from Tait Communications, MiMOMax Wireless were selected as the backhaul, point to point linking solution for Fire & Rescue NSW.
Key challenges:
The FRNSW requirement called for linking between 45 radio sites located in remote parts of southern NSW. 
With environments ranging from Mt Perisher, the highest communications site on the Australian continent, to flat sites located in remote Western NSW. FRNSW required a resilient communications solution which would connect these remote sites to the Communication Centers in Sydney and Newcastle.
Involving some longer links and, at time, harsh weather, the MiMOMax solution required extensive RF engineering for some sites.
MiMOMax Wireless Series II and Tornado - offering superior data throughput for narrowband channels and the ability for radio links to also act as routers and multicast units.
Application: Backhaul linking via Point-to-Point Radio Network.
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