Engineering a Robust Field Area Network for Critical Industry Infrastructure


Servicing over a million end-users in an approximately 2900 square mile area, Salt River Project is one of the USA's largest public power utilities. In addition to electricity, SRP also delivers over 800,000 acre-feet of water to customers annually.


Key challenges

Having acquired 2 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz Upper A Block in 2015, SRP required a partner to provide the communications infrastructure for a new 1300 square mile Field Area Network (FAN).

Encompassing three Arizona counties, including the metropolitan Phoenix area, the FAN is required to enable centralized monitoring and control of SRP's distributed power and water systems. SRP's new FAN will also be used to monitor and control power flows into and out of the grip from numerous advanced solar installations.

With spectrum being both scarce and valuable, the biggest challenge was to find a solutions provider who could optimize data throughput in the narrowband channel SRP had available.



MiMOMax Tornado Radio (Tier I) and MiMOMax Pyxis Radio (Tier II) in a Multi-Tier Field Area Network (FAN).

Key features: up to 1280 kb/s data rate in 50KHz at Tier I level, sophisticated data compression techniques plus frequency re-use at Tier II level.

Application: SCADA, Distribution Automation, Advanced Meter Infrastructure.

As part of an upgrade from an ageing analog radio system to a digital P25 system from Tait Communications, MiMOMax Wireless were selected as the backhaul, point to point linking solution for Fire & Rescue NSW.
Key challenges:
The FRNSW requirement called for linking between 45 radio sites located in remote parts of southern NSW. 
With environments ranging from Mt Perisher, the highest communications site on the Australian continent, to flat sites located in remote Western NSW. FRNSW required a resilient communications solution which would connect these remote sites to the Communication Centers in Sydney and Newcastle.
Involving some longer links and, at time, harsh weather, the MiMOMax solution required extensive RF engineering for some sites.
MiMOMax Wireless Series II and Tornado - offering superior data throughput for narrowband channels and the ability for radio links to also act as routers and multicast units.
Application: Backhaul linking via Point-to-Point Radio Network.
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